What is Hip Hop?

by Equal Eye




"What is Hip Hop?" is an experimental album that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the art of rap. This compilation of music, which touches almost all genres of music, was composed by some of the greatest musicians that have ever lived. The goal of this album is not to make a profit off of them, but rather to use their music to open the minds of those who believe that music is restricted by rules or regulations.

Most people don't realize that Hip Hop is only the product of the much more experienced and mature genres of music. Hip Hop has constantly borrowed and taken from other music in order to create a twist that provides people with a new and fresh outlook on a song. In "What is Hip Hop?" instead of borrowing or taking pieces of an original song and creating a new one, the original has been used in its entirety and brought to the face of the Hip Hop world. Nothing is hidden and nothing has been changed, the only thing that has been added is lyrics. This project has gone beyond simply sampling the past, but instead brings the past into the future to the forefront of modern music...


released 14 March 2013

Sound Engineer : Will Magro

Bob Marley
Bob Dylan
Carlos Santana
Jaco Pastorius
Gabriel Navia
Ari Caprow
Fela Kuti
Morten Gunnar Larsen



all rights reserved


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Track Name: With God on Our Side
Lyrics by Bob Dylan performed by Equal Eye

Oh my name it is nothin’
My age it means less
The country I come from
Is called the Midwest
I’s taught and brought up there
The laws to abide
And that the land that I live in
Has God on its side
Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side
Oh the Spanish-American
War had its day
And the Civil War too
Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes
l’s made to memorize
With guns in their hands
And God on their side

Oh the First World War, boys
It closed out its fate
The reason for fighting
I never got straight
But I learned to accept it
Accept it with pride
For you don’t count the dead
When God’s on your side
When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side
I’ve learned to hate Russians
All through my whole life
If another war starts
It’s them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side
But now we got weapons
Of the chemical dust
If fire them we’re forced to
Then fire them we must
One push of the button
And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions
When God’s on your side

Through many dark hour
I’ve been thinkin’ about this
That Jesus Christ
Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can’t think for you
You’ll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side
So now as I’m leavin’
I’m weary as Hell
The confusion I’m feelin’
Ain’t no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God’s on our side
He’ll stop the next war,
The bounties have astounded me, the sound of freedom isn't free
and as we bleed we feed their everlasting greed
it seems so rash to me that so many have to die
but its so dumb to ask why when Gods on your side
Track Name: Cole Town
Equal Eye

Yo I've never been better fitted forget the heart of it
Forever under the surface of what your god has called a gift
Surrounded by the cowardice, some of which may call it quits
thats why im not afraid to say im taking all of it
all in and runnin just a youngin, never saw it comin
pretendin and frontin in front of a hundred gunmen
Summoned under the spirits of what you always hunted
my rebuttle struggles to return to give me everything i wanted
dont dare to fuck with a man whose cornered
explode like supernovas smashing through universal borders
flip the rigorous and never witness when it hits
come and see the bliss of slit wrists its what God ordered
you act like you've never seen me before
maybe you wont understand until your reading the quotes
opposers of me end up bleeding the most
on the microphone even though i wont be leading in votes
Im a hundred percent like Kareem in the post
i never shoot a hook when the verse is on
kickin back a cadence never savin any beat im makin
wastin my patience on people who don't know I'm waitin
all i know is that im never takin sides in God vs. Satan
i dont want to confuse myself with debatin
people are livin evidence to what is evident in their intelligence
but in the end everything ends
so my friend how can you begin to tell me what I should defend
my only hope is that ill get to see my family again
the struggles of times always sends
me back into the past to capitalize on the stems
of my life that stretches can you feel the roots
growin up inside tellin lies just to steal the truth
and that's the truth, i do this for the youth
and I'm here ready to prove your life depends on your attitude
gotta move, move, getting with the groove
something that everybody do
white, black, yellow or brown
every race stands together tearin up the town
its all gravy if somebody pays me to be crazy
no time to waste on all the lazy, shady
people tryin to make a move on what is mine
look into my eyes to see the definition of shine
gotta grind, gotta grind, im struggling to find
anything that makes rappin worth the time
I'm so caught up in the mix, marvelous
a starving artist carvin the sharpest marks with tricks
silly rabbit had it with the madness of kids
I express his anger every time that I spit
Mix every bit of envious shit in an infinite abyss
I feel my heart twitch every time we kiss
and that's all that matters, love is everything
the change in our time re defines our very being
every sentiment I meant to give is anything but medicine
ahead of it, ahead of shit, to let it begin
step in again to rep the best of Western men
Cali born, sworn in as Mexican
for the better bit of me I've seen a paradise
here's advice, if you love your country then you need to fight
at least that's what I've heard, I hope it isn't true
I've seen peace in me, can this be achieved between me and you
2 equal people seekin a better life
no matter the price, were all prepared to sacrifice
for the right to live a life that gives us more
more of everything we need to breathe to come ashore
off course of course with a force
greater power than the cowards taking control of the source
call me the man below whatever plan
is executed for the better percentage of man
in a greater perspective I have detected
a reckless setlist by breakfast time
my oh my my life shows in my eyes
every moment I'm holding on to life when I die
bye to the people actin evil
the unequal lookin at life through a peephole
come and peep Cole, its easy like a free throw
drippin diligent intelligence within his deep flow
keep goin keep goin, sleeps showing me
the true reality influenced by reality TV
see me on a deep 3 showing these peeps heat
becoming the king everytime I speak
hittin the peak as the top becomes bleek
my point of view of everything is focused through a beat
come and meet the streets slipping through the crease
we rising in the west while you settle in the east
Peace, its been a pleasure getting to know you
goodbye motherfuckers, there's no more to show you
Track Name: Good Tradition
Equal Eye
I see im dreaming, everytime I try to live
I see im dreaming, when I open up my eyelids
I see im dreaming, when im searching for the silence
I see im dreaming, since reality doesnt exist
I see im dreaming because every thought that I possess
consists of feelings that contemplate what is coming next
a next step, or a next turn, might lead to my last words
im moving faster, backwards, chasin what matters
marking a pattern patterned like Saturns rings
I orbit the scornful good morning to the fall of a king
people stop and they stare but can they truly hear
what it is that im saying im praying change releases your fear
disdainful shame came in rain at the end of the year
2012 holds hope of keeping the end sincere
the armageddon is beautiful its only suitable
to embrace a foolish soul whose only moving slow
cuz as times get sticky wickedness sticks to me
suicidal thoughts get caught in the fact no ones listening
depression lessons as attention gets grabbed
but interest diminishes as I finish sentences about my past
laugh at me, but my gravity is poisonous
negative or positive im droppin shit before it hits
before you dismiss these different perspectives on life
you need to look inside and define what you think is right
never take it for granted this planet wouldnt be the first
to suffer the wrath of being in the path of the universe
flash forward towards a much simpler time
to a life without earth, I work to deserve what is mine
what is mine, what is mine?

fuck if I know but I wont slow until the day it comes
the day im ashamed of myself is the day im afraid to run
run from myself, running from myself is weakness in disguise
im speaking bliss to your demise which leads directly to my rise
never stop, never stop, I just let it ride
free fallin all in as all follow my life
no respect earned but not concerned its all right
all of these puppets draw strings then call me to solve fights
I never see the flaw in it, when flaunting raw shit
raw music raw spirit are my ingredients equiped
strapped steady always ready if you let me let it go
testing one two testing one two for those who move slow
never been the one to open up the flow
for those alone soul searchin on the go
we all are one in this march on the sun
its hard to say that there is only one
piece of me left under the table of death
I have only returned to earn your respect
in 2 terms we will return for the best
better of the men who tend to progress
checkers over chess regresses more or less
sandy has me gladly livin in the west
finish innocence to submit to stress
livin innocent isnt prison, it is blessed
got to be the best, got to be the best
something that americans tend to confess
I scream it from the chest im better than the rest
minute after minute, scribblin to impress
cynicism given religion im livin stressed
pickin whose listenin fulfillin the quest
got to be the best, got to be the best
intellect intercepts your respect
you can be the guest dressed to impress
I suggest to stay livin in your nest
mitchel or ness wont protect your flesh
callin collect reflects the past we left
takin the steps to refrain from death
never neglect each individual breathe
liven for less rather than more I bet
my life effects anyone with regrets
im cashin a check to attempt to invest
in time to rhyme I shine from my silhouette
lovin your breasts like I starve for sex
markin your carpet im hard whats next
Markin your carpet Im hard whats next
lovin your breasts like I starve for sex
in time to rhyme I shine from my silhouette
im cashin a check to attempt to invest
my life effects anyone with regrets
liven for less rather than more I bet
never neglect each individual breathe
takin the steps to refrain from death
callin collect reflects the past we left
mitchel or ness wont protect your flesh
I suggest to stay livin in your nest
you can be the guest dressed to impress
intellect intercepts your respect
got to be the best, got to be the best
pickin whose listenin fulfillin the quest
cynicism given religion im livin stressed
minute after minute, scribblin to impress
I scream it from the chest im better than the rest
something that americans tend to confess
got to be the best, got to be the best
livin innocent isn't prison, it is blessed
finish innocence to submit to stress
sandy has me gladly livin in the west
checkers over chess regresses more or less
better of the men who tend to progress
in 2 terms we will return for the best
I have only returned to earn your respect
piece of me left under the table of death
its hard to say that there is only one
we all are one in this march on the sun
for those alone soul searchin on the go
never been the one to open up the flow

I flow hot like electrons on the sun spots
7 layers of death corona flesh protects loss
the falsehood of the good in mankind defines crime
I organize mine through the fate of these wasted times
this is good tradition like mixin sin and hatred
witnessin cannibalism with policemen eating bacon
fakin like patrons of the new world
Shes gracious, im patient with this new girl
greatness rules my matrix my gate is a portal
I transformed immortal as I morph into a mortal
now I've succumbed to being just a human being
that its dumb to be the only one with unreal things
you have sealed me into an existence I can't escape
I'm of course talking to myself I have only myself to hate
that's good tradition, that's good tradition
my individual innocence cant anticipate gods vision
mix with Him mix with Him submit to a life without sin
but sin means making mistakes and I make mistakes to reach perfection
lessons teach that prophecies arn't often fulfilled
watchin the lost men soften their shields
for they no longer can afford the steel
that they use to wield due to the things they would steal
life liberty and the pursuit of millions
I'm sealed in this state of crime as my mind is locked in
waitin til no ones watchin so I can smoke some pot again
im caught it in I means life on this continent
or at least part of it, my heart starves to make a mark in it
embark in the art of this artistic artisan
articulate marksmen targeted to depart like Nicholson
I peace out like people from my parents generation
its good tradition to live laugh and love that's what I take in
Track Name: About Us
Equal Eye

True comedy calls on the flaws of everyday life
irony subsidizes the fight in support of whats right
light meets light
light meets light
light meets light
as the darkness inherits the earth
I've hid from this abyss since I emerged at birth
I'm meeting myself at the crossroads of something new
looking ahead only afraid to let go of what is old
afraid to let go of soul so I wont sell what I hold
I'll only return it to the universe to reimburse
those who sold
those who sold
those who sold
themselves in desire of some sort of higher wealth
this fire is hell liars perspire an entire well
until it overflows like those kickin a full bucket
ill watch it spill until the puddle cant be trusted
fuck it, fuck it, the motto of the new me
holding on to new things that give me something new to be
something new to be
new opportunities, god damn im truly lucky
to be alive at least until somebody new fucks me
these new opportunities god im lucky
to be alive at least until somebody new fucks me
these new opportunities god damn im lucky
A hero is a hero while a villain is a villain
the only problem is how can we ever just tell the difference
a person in disguise seems to have something to hide
so these people that we trust may just be what we despise
A hero is a hero while a villain is a villain
the only problem is how can we ever just tell the difference
a person in disguise seems to have something to hide
so these people that we trust may just be what we despise

if someone is actually what they claim to be
then just maybe this person can be the one to set us free
but probably not, cuz something too good to be true
usually isnt, and this prison is what im livin through
im givin you a little bit of everything I see
and turning it into whatever your unable to believe
which is the truth, the truth, im must repeat it everyday
the life that your livin is something similar to a slave
if you continue to fool yourself to understand
that the world revolves around you and no other man
cowards are empowered by doing cowardice shit
allowing a bitch the power inflicts a power trip, dip
Colonial conflicts drip into untainted territory
a story we normally hear but one point of view bores me
the facts uncover secrets of my society
a side of my family was involved in the kind of things
I speak out against and I aim to try to forget this
but dismissing history is like losing why we exist
Looking back into my past and from where my family came
provides me, the historian with information to gain
a greater perspective, thats why im stretchin my name
to the furthest reaches of the beaches and im teachin the same
Track Name: Exodus Feat. Awol
Equal Eye

when will an exodus resurrect us
from these people keeping our gains and breaking our trust
there never is enough, leaving all of us in dust
in this race that I face as I chase another buck
working everyday to behave as such
slave everyday and replay what sucks
hate elevates as my days seem stuck
as I slip away and give away how I gave a fuck
never anymore, since my pain became raw ever since I learned from all the things that I saw
presented by television or some other bullshittin
that's inhibitin my precision when making decisions
I'm givin my wisdom to anyone willin to listen
I have risen to fix division within this life I'm livin
Im uplifted when I can escape myself
and take the better part of me away from this hell
hell, can you tell?
im fresh from the barricades of an inflamed cell
Im burnin to break the barriers of myself
or at least this life I lead I see I need help
its an exodus, we're moving the people
I know im not alone against the throne we want it equal
I got to de throne, the greed when a beats on
movin people with words I got alot to speak on
time is a written script, a description
of how life is lived I'm only hopin mine is timeless
but its a fact of life to find this isn't true
so before I die I'm motivatin my people to move

Before I die im motivatin my people to move x4

I'm changin the way of the world which way will you choose
before I die I'm motivatin my people to move
escapin faith never means you lose
many divide the truth breaking the rules
I dream of united youth im fightin you
thats why before I die im motivating my people to move

Before I die im motivatin my people to move x3


Exodus, I.E departure
take a trip when the thought starts
we aint made to design
we're on the move but there's much work
still aint change when we don't see em
freedom feels like its fleeting
reality is real deceiving
we believe were near even
because we have more than he did and she did in the previous
but equality isn't a possession
follow me follow these directions
bob your neck, close your eyes
ease your mind, visualize
let the music transport you, teleport through
my vocals
music made my people survive
spirits in the pulse of the drum
open up your lungs, take it in
its that ancient gift, music son
drugs don't touch the effect of this
exodus as the music hits
no needle to the vein, just a needle to the record
turn spin magnificent
revolution, rebel music
revolution, rebel to it
revolution revolving always
constant rhythm in the pocket
pick a spot and then you see me hop in
hip hops not just beats and blah blah
Bob Marley introduced the topic
now Awol is here to drop it
escape out this open casket
backflip when the music grabs ya
motivate many on the planet they're rockin
pop lock it and march in get it stronger
so forces sign it get it polished spot it in darkness
it massages your third eye, word life, no lie
its real escape fear when it penetrates your ear
exodus enter the musical lair
exodus enter the musical lair
exodus enter the musical lair
we keep the music cumming like this was a clit
and our tongue was on the button
steady smashin percussion its nothin
Track Name: Old Thought Rap
Equal Eye

Im easily lost in thought as people tell me what to do
fools follow those who only appear to be cool
the proof lies in yours truly the truth
thats why I follow rather than lead, I need a clue
to take it to the top, hip hop now is gossip
another product of a process, an abuse of gods gift
odd shit moves me in movies that make me think
stimulate my brain to sustain a change in the chain link
the pain of danger is drowned in anchor steam a playas drink
next step is my willie in your Jada pink
twinkle twinkle little star you shine in that ring
but a circle works to confine a life that will repeat
I seek a different life than the one before
I movin forward towards a kind of life where ill find more
more of everything, more to fuck up and lose
more to drink or smoke, I booze when I choose
fuck you, fuck me, and fuck everything in between
ever since I was a tween ive been able to live my dreams
a fiend for imagination like willie wonka
Danka zer for the chance to clear the air
bad tensions never needed we have similar goals
belittle a foe to create mo enemies to up hold
a little pinch of pride, you would die to provide
an ego with a stroke, we all know your not really dope
when will they see that simply saying that your the best
doesnt make it true, this is something that has to be proved
I can claim that my dick is thick with a twist of smooth
when bitches often only turn my balls to a bluish hue

Ooo ooo damn girl
Ooo ooo damn girl
Ooo ooo damn girl
damn girl why you gotta play me like that

Damn girl why do u got to play me like that
dont be mad cuz I didnt call I was sober writing raps
Last night, I even wrote a little something about you
but chit this might not be something you appreciate
but wait baby girl let me take you on a date
and try to explain the reasons for why I wish for what you aint
I said that you were needy but yet kind of prude
but damn no one looks as good as you in the nude
I swear im not a shallow guy but at times I speak my mind
im just honest, the calmest with a rhyme
thats topical and offers nothin but the facts
trust that, I love a perfect match but I bet theres a catch
crash, taking the Honda Accord at least the bastards missed the cash
that I lack cuz of my investments in a track
My passion is just a stem of my overall knowledge
im involved with solving the problems outside of college
Bits and pieces of my mind get flipped and misdirected
it's why I up and found an outlet to release stress with
the power of word is the greatest, at least if you can play with
the minds of many people to manipulate and become the savior
happened many times many crimes committed, meet your maker
or await him, from above, he will come to save us
crazy thoughts but I too drew a conclusion of madness
I'll kill myself, return and tell you of what I asked him
I'm backwards, I try to skip ahead
taking shortcuts for me theres no need to see the path that you led
as I finish I'm in it to win I'm givin less
attention to stress breathing seedless budhacest
your crew is less of the truth than mainstream media press
you deceive the people leaving an encyclopedic mess
fuckin shit up you fuckin bitch
connect the dots and see this love that you missed...
Track Name: Boy
I missed the first kiss
my lips missed certain bliss
it hurt to know that love will be missed
my heart skipped
I met my life's gift
to capitalize means to ratify
the past as her and I get left satisfied
the touch of her thighs, as me feeling as if I could die
who and why, where and how don't matter now
only pride, as life becomes a fight, the middle of the night
holds tales of delight now ill be acting right
a one woman man a man in one woman as a man should
when a woman can hand a man everything that's good
what if I could, house my wood in a nest of these woods
that move momentum temptin men with heaven lettin them
find what is necessary to bury the pointless boyish
child like instinct of the first four years
where everything is mine not yours, of course
I feel this way for this woman in my arms
fuck love at first sight, this is lust at first contact
all facts I dont hold back my heart when it comes to making a point
she is beauty she is perfect she is respect she is passion, she is mine, I am a boy...
Track Name: Sol
Equal Eye

Me encanta mi vida cuando puedo ver el sol
porque el sol es una luz en este mundo oscuro
el sol esta aqui, pues tengo suerte
sin sol mi vida es fria similaria a muerte
al sol le voy a dar mi atencion completo
cuando el sol le elevo tuve un festejo
estoy enfermo cuando no tengo bastante sol
la hermosura dame esperanza pues no me siento malo
es malsano para vivir una vida sin filtro solar
pero no lo necesito porque estoy inmune al calor
el gente cree que nuestro sol es peligroso
pero Sol por mi es mas que una cosa que podemos describir
El Sol me ayuda vivir, el Sol es mas bonito que todo
y este es porque tu nombre es Sol

(English Translation)

I love my life when I can see the sun(Sol)
because the sun is a light in this dark world
the sun is here, so i am lucky
without sun my life is cold similar to death
to the sun I'm going to give mi complete attention
when the sun rose I had a festival
I am sick when I don't have enough sun
the beauty gives me hope so that I don't feel bad
its unhealthy to live a life without sunblock
but u don't need it because I am immune to the heat
the people believe that our sun is dangerous
but the sun to me is more than a thing that we can describe
the sun helps me to live
the sun is more beautiful than everything
that's why your name is sun...
Track Name: Little Sunflower
Equal Eye

gold plated asterisk doesn't mean you've mastered this
silicon in your microphone has shone your plastic
as fast as last place your race is changin paces
no sir im not a joker ill show my two faces
face this is you dare to accept a challenge
like chinese mexican food I distribute off balance
except for rhythm I'm given religion within this
livin is innocent listen if wished to witness a gift
its Christmas time if rewinded before the end of earth
2-0-1-3 look at me I smile with smirks
reverse my lifeline still im wise with rhyme
eyes inclined to redefine time like I am Einstein
Calvin Klein aint as fine as I
I die with fire in the sky, with smoke at high tide
This purple sinks deep, I feast beneath the seas
the vastness of the ocean only hopes to reach my knees
I reside in colorful sunsets cuz my God is never upset
I'm screaming fuck yes achieving success
This world isn't loveless, I'm here to calm the drama
There isn't meaning without redeeming pachamama
Battered and bruised but I choose to fix the damage
The graceful canvas of this planet is at a disadvantage
I shine for hours to protect what's ours
I'm soaking in life, I'm bright like these little sunflowers

my mother breeds then the earth receives me as a seed
pops provides what I need to lead these unfeasible dreams
it starts at the roots as I choose to scratch the surface
witness my purpose as the glory of this plant emerges
as I begin to breathe I feed on this vitamin D
im alive in this breeze no one will ever grow as high as me
a dying breed inside of me just try to see
the beauty of being free, life only dies in defeat
and to lose is something that you choose the truth
is that you only lose if you mind is what controls you
nothing matters except for how you feel
and the way that I feel is something that you could never steal
for I live in the sun, whether its night or day
my peace is inside of me and I don't even need to try to pray
cuz god is within, beneath the surface from which we came
inside of us, connected, protected by our shade
god is within, beneath the surface from which we came
inside of us connected, protected by our shade
protected by the shade settled under these petals
empowered by these flowers to push the pedal to the metal

change the way, you see your life today
just take away, all the pain you create
then you will sail away

on this amazing journey to learn that we all are earning
this certain yearning for burning these things that are concerning
my passion relaxes as I take action in happiness
you can laugh at this but I'm laughin at how your passionless
Ive had it with this madness, I gravitate to what is real
we can make a deal just take what I create to feel
that way that I do, I promise I wont betray you
I can take you on this quest to the best possible you
possibly two, who really knows what makes you complete
but at least together we can try to find what makes you unique
everybody has something to offer to the community
that means you and me can handle everything in unity
this is a tactic not practiced by the majority
but I've had it with half assin I'm here to change the story
there's more to me than words and poetry just notice me
as I grow to be the open seed I've always hoped to be
Track Name: Homeless
Equal Eye

A poor man, helpless and homeless extends his hands
the thickness of the concrete competes with collecting cans
my foot steps stray away as he asks for change
and as I stop my pocket jingles as my head shakes
No, I apologize I dont have a 9-5
its amazing how talented ive become at telling lies
I see the sorrow in his eyes, a sorrow soon borrowed by mine
as I continue down the block I can hear him cry
livin in the city has deleted my pity
for the petty begging for any pennies, im getting fifty
cents for every dollar that this man doesnt get
a little exaggerated but dont be mistaken I confess
I can afford to fork out 4 or more fractions of a dollar
how did it come to this I wish I could just ask his father
father why did this child of yours fall victim to the source
obviously your positive influence was never enforced
of course this would explain the reason why
this man has decided to look through the garbage for a piece of pie
Apple, switch styles actual fact claims his life is easy
no tax, no job, no rent, no stress, easy peezy lemon squeezy
squeeze me, I must be dreaming
this man screams that peace is achieved easily
what a whack-o, must be talking out his asshole
like he was writing facts on the back of a Snapple cap
hes overly confident that he in fact knows the truth
I must turn back to discuss his point of view
as he sees me returning a gaze back at him
im disappointed he only comes to ask for change again
I guess it makes me chuckle but fuck it I buckle under the pressure I raise his cup 6 quarters of measure
150 cents gives this man a satisfaction I only obtain when I rise and overcome my pain
its a shame, but beautiful at the same time
because the small things involve the greatness of the human mind
pieces of paper or metal can provide a grown man
like this one for example who has no home and
no woman, just hopin to gain happiness through an open hand
making the most of his fellow man
his only issue is that common kindness is out of the focus of most men
were losing the pureness, like our Ocean
this man in front of me, homeless and broken
shakes my hand thanking me as I notice his eyes are glowin
a light darkened by first impression questioning
I ask him how hes doing hoping hes truly listening
he says hes good but I dont think I should believe him
I need to be sure before I could even think of leavin
this man has aged at least more than twice as me
I see the wisdom of the streets that he could maybe pass to me
I respond are you sure sir I mean its 45 degrees of San Francisco heat please allow me to proceed
and then I reach for a twenty
I think this would be plenty of kindness im extending
and as he accepts smiling he asks “do you have more you can lend me?”
aww man, now I see im just naïve
I feel like Kyle in the night of the living homeless
realizing kindness sometimes fuels my own loneliness
cuz my gentle gesture occurred due to the power of my heart
and as I see thats not enough I feal it split apart
I give him a stare of disgust, I laugh off his shame
theres no need to respond to the one who drains society
a drag on the progression of man
but I sympathize for this American an outcast of uncle Sam
I wonder what you could have been if you weren't a crackhead
if educated properly your name could have been massive
but as I turn away assuming I funded his drug habit
walking down the block contemplating catching a cab shit
this man is following me through the darkness of the night
no need to lie I begin to feel the tickle of fright
a man with nothing to lose is not to be trusted
so as I turn the corner my instincts get me rushing
as I look back I can see him pick up his pace tambien
I decide to stop and confront this man again
as I approach closer I notice his grown aggression
the softness of his eyes before had been deceptive
I tell him be cool but he has already pulled his blade
I see it far too late but im awake before he sticks my rib cage...
Track Name: Rhythm and Rhyme Feat. Awol
Equal Eye

Women are different, especially in how they look
their beauty is natural, actually its how im hooked
to a true woman, a lady with X-amount of class
human beings being real makes me glad
maybe just what im lookin for im hooked to more
than the common sort of whores who purchase beauty from a store
I ignore those who pose as something that they're not
pretendin to be what they wish to see I can see that they're lost
caught up in something so much smaller than themselves
hell is painted by the created creators who can paint it well
what I mean is so many manipulated remain misinformed
of how they should appear, I fear the source
the power is empowered by a cowards way of thought
and camouflaging god in ourselves entails a tragic loss
I see the damage done between the shows you watch on TV
Mays Maybelline, a capitalistic dream
just another team that controls the way we think
telling you what beauty is and then you pay the fee
to look the way they wish so that a profit sky rockets
watch it the cost is a product of a commercial pick pocket
the wicked watch kids to profit off of childs play
sleeping in class while advertisements keeps em wide awake
I know this very well cuz I too was under the spell
growing hungry from seeing burger king between Kenan and Kel
I was eatin well, pizza hut and taco bell
luckily I never smoked tobacco, I still cant stand the smell
men making Don Draper type paper keep kids cigarettes lit
this is well known, heavily inspected
but still very present and its evident they'll never stop
as long as we feed needlessly into the pot
that weve been told is equal to everyone who comes
running for the gold ive sold my soul for fun

everything is more exciting rhyming im trying to find me
writing in my diary re writing my lies to me
deep inside of me im riding the dying need to feed
trying to define these feelings that steal the speed
that it takes to make the distance of sinister listeners
diminish I finish spurts of a verse in a few minutes im first
to work killin the feelings that hurt the worst we smirk
and then inevitably burst into laughing we curse
whatever forever im better being graded on a curve
I witnessed big punisher returning your purse
to lolly gag is a shallow fad thats making me mad
im sealing the real things in a bag, im rappin glad
happy at the fact im making up for what you lack
everything is better in December when there isn't class
im passin a disaster through the mail over night
im excited alone at home doing what a loaner might
stoned or mind right im ready to fight for me
facing death and stepping to my mic is never taken lightly
fight me fight me bitch it is exciting
im hittin in the same spot like rare occurring lightning
enticing the hyphy might be a dying breed
if you think im joking when im writing come and try me
andre nicky type pisces are always feisty
but the power of a bull is cole I just might be
losing my mind to find a purpose in my life
Im saying that im dangerous but shit you can do what you like
choose to fight, choose the mic, choose to die, choose your life
I dont really give a fuck just be ready to bite
little bits of literal soul are given to Cole
to unfold the bold truth that you have never told
its never getting old, forgetting the cold
diggin in infinite holes struggling to find the gold
pull the trigger to find the bigger pieces of soul
sending me to the creator the maker will close
the door on any hope that I may still possess
theres nothing like death to relieve the stress
im on a quest to the depths of what it means to be blessed
im just afraid of the pressure it takes to confess
im faced with the misery of me every day
always unable to say I finally passed away


Beautiful musicianship part of my entrance
pardon my sentence, follow my footsteps
over bay bridge, dip into left field then dig this
broke through the rebel
broke out of so-cal, broke under pressure
sketchin pennies on an empty sheet
currently currency's what I speak
change for the mind, drive off the literal
dive in a different world, vibe with the visuals
skyline beautiful a hustler of the city folk yo
this madness brain basket keeps leekin
im reachin into evenings with the inkpen
fiendin for reason, school say they bringin me leisure
money and rest hard to collect, god am I vexed
meditatin readily to elevate our stress
transitional and difficult , 22 years old
no frickin clue of what job I want
cant passion push me to my passion
cant passion push me to my passion
had to ask twice no right answer
im dancin through more hula hoops
hired as a servant, minimum wage slave
forced into corners, cant deny lifes alright
families fine, health is attackin the fact that these rhymes
are collectin respect, makes me alive
deflectin our death, resurrected when random fan solutes
the kids mission for wisdom show showmanship in his own flowin essence
holdin my scrotum, spit slick as piss
im alive with a joke yo
four score and four years ago I was low
now look who's at the top of the totem
properly positioned, gods got my back in front
much struggle and hustle, but I trust in nothing but love now
love kept me together
flash forward, still focused to mystify my motives
clear view I was open
and I am a poet in motion, open book scope the dopeness
I reveal whats real, edit out ho shit, oh shit
I aim for the kill, dead serious when I wield the quill
steer the wheel of my will, uphills no big deal, for real
it only gets more gritty and shitty
but I glimmer in the pressure
welcome to a young man's adventure
put on your helmets and call on your blessings
shit will get bumpy, but your in the best company
trust me, just trust me...
Track Name: What is Hip Hop?
Equal Eye

A somber setting made for a somber man
somber longing for things to go according to plan
more than a man, more than sand in time
more than random land damaged with crime
lines define the age of my writing hand
lightning strikes twice like the reasons for why I ran
from myself from myself, I reflect this image of hell
inflicted mixes of hell leave no room for any help
help me, its lonely inside myself
pain is pain as I remain encased in space without rain
no water, no substance, no life, only air
loneliness isnt fair but I embrace it to become aware
this is where I meditate, open the gates
and take away mistakes left astray minutes away
from dismay I display hate to counter perfection of my day
perfection isnt perfect and life is the proof of this
intuitive music fuses my looseness to tighten my movements, move with me im moving
never see the way, never be the hate, never seem to say
things to take away, break the fade away, like a change occurring within this game
and return to play, this new sort of life, I conform in spite
of the fact its not right, I will not fight if I am in this spotlight

It was all down hill from the first moment I saw my mothers face
running from disgrace is exhausting watch me disappear without a trace
im sorry family but I must go, I must leave, I must retreat, I must be what I always feared of becoming, free
free in death, free unless, freedom is something less then having earned respect
I hate having to guess, but I guess certainty is certainly worse for me for this new day means new discoveries
wasnt it me huddling in smothering heat under the covers of others of my brother aka the other me
I have much love for everything everyone everymoment everyminute everyhour everyday everyweek everymonth everyyear everyyou everyme everysite everynight everylife everywrong and everyright
ready to be me let the people see, whose ahead of me, I just let it be
no ones tempting me, to be set free let me be me me beeing me is the beginning of we
for we see equally as people seeking deep reasons to breathe literally we breathe disconnected messages from the sea revealing a greater texture of me,
no wonder many peeps dont see any of me, im deceptively irrelevant tellin many MCs to pretend to be, something their not, im not ready to see intelligently enhanced breeds ahead of me due to the things that I have seen,for I have seen things that you would not believe

Life walks like flip flops on the soft sand beaches of California
theres more to me than words and poetry open my doors to see
there is more to me than dormant honesty, honestly im only boring
my stagnent sorcery has my fortune of glory morphing unfortunately
theres more to see in me than one could fit into a lifetime
primetime coverage is rushed in and luck only comes in hindsight
and mine is right, but shit just a second too late
deception escapes so im just left to clean up my mistake
what a disgrace, wasted time reflects the reasons for caution
ill prepared thoughts get lost in character, I Seymour Hoffman
im awake im awake, someone please come and knock me out
silence is the sound of love if it were to ever come around
quiet at first until a spark brings in the jump start
jump start my heart please just dont rip it apart
she is beautiful and uses Cole for useful musical
who is wholeheartedly part of my role, I hold more than gold within my search for soul
it's a bold tactic to rap with passion and act as if this shit is happenin
I'm laughin at those laughin and my act when reaction happens from those taking action
no one responds to what im askin
what has music become I know that we are young but I also know you are not dumb
so I fill my lungs to some certain degree umm will no one respond to the suspension hung by my words and my tongue, music is what is in me,
music is what defines me, music is my personality, I know this, but ive forgotten what I love... what is hip hop?